Principal Reading and Writing Cancer: How Words Heal

Reading and Writing Cancer: How Words Heal

Elaborating upon her “Living with Cancer” column in theNew York Times, Susan Gubar helps patients, caregivers, and the specialists who seek to serve them. In a book both enlightening and practical, she describes how the activities of reading and writing can right some of cancer’s wrongs. To stimulate the writing process, she proposes specific exercises, prompts, and models. In discussions of the diary of Fanny Burney, the stories of Leo Tolstoy and Alice Munro, numerous memoirs, novels, paintings, photographs, and blogs, Gubar shows how readers can learn from art that deepens our comprehension of what it means to live or die with the disease.

From a writer whose own memoir,Memoir of a Debulked Woman: Enduring Ovarian Cancer, was described by theNew York Times Book Reviewas “moving and instructive…and incredibly brave,” this volume opens a path to healing.
Año: 2016
Edición: ebook
Editorial: W. W. Norton Company
Páginas: 192
ISBN 13: 9780393246995
ISBN: 039324699X
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